Turbo + Headers + Downpipe $350 + Shipping

  • T3/T4 Precision Turbo PTB 300-5031E
  • Headers
  • Custom downpipe

TurboKit-1 TurboKit-2 Downpipe-Custom-1

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Body Kit $375 + Shipping

Honda black polyurethane body kit that fits any 99-00 Honda Civic. Each panel has custom grills and mounting holes are already predrilled. This body kit is in great condition and is ready to install.

  • 1 - Front bumper
  • 1 - Rear bumper
  • 2 - Side skirts

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BodyKit-Front BodyKit-Rear BodyKit-SideSkirts

Honda Del Sol Downpipe $40 + Shipping

I purchased a Honda Del Sol downpipe hoping to customize it for my turbo install. I ended up building a custom downpipe and never used it.

  • 1 - Honda Del Sol downpipe

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Dodge Stealth Injectors $30 + Shipping

This sale includes 4 Dodge Stealth Injectors and will also fit Mitsubishi 3000GT models. These are stock injectors which also include the injector harness clips and the metal lock clips.

  • 4 - 220cc Dodge Stealth Injectors

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Turbo Kit Partially Sold

Gently used custom Turbo Kit built for a 00 Honda Civic Si but will fit any Honda B16 motor. This is my entire turbo kit, extra intercooler piping, cuplers, and clamps. I am ending my tuning hobby (temporarily) and I am returning my car back to stock condition. I really can't make this deal any sweeter than it is. The Precision turbo cost me around $800 and the Tial wastegate around $200 when purchased several years ago. I custom built the exhaust which replaces the catalitic converter and has three bung holes for two stock O2 sensors and room for an additional wideband O2 sensor. I took extremely good care of this turbo and it has never seen compression over seven pounds, and has hardly been used.
Would you sell just the Headers, Turbo, and Downpipe?
Yes, I would sell just the Headers, Turbo and Downpipe for $750 + Shipping.

  • T3/T4 Precision Turbo PTB 300-5031E
  • Tial Wastegate 7lbs
  • Generic front mount intercooler
  • Intercooler piping
  • Generic blow off valve
  • Various mix of cuplers
  • Various mix of T bolt clamps and standard clamps
  • Wastegate downpipe
  • Oil lines
  • Vaccum hoses
  • Cool air intake & air filter

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TurboKit-1 TurboKit-2 Downpipe-Custom-1

Partially Sold

450cc DSM 4G63 Injectors Sold

Fits 90-99 DSM Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser, also fits Hondas and Acuras. In good condition, rarely used.

  • 4 - 450cc DSM 4G63 Injectors


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Prosport Gauges Sold

The sale includes three Prosport smoked out gauges. These gauges have several lighting options and include all necessary parts, hardware, and senders. The Boost and Fuel Pressure gauges are the Premium Series Prosport Gauges. The Oil Pressure gauge is brand new in the box but the Fuel Pressure and Boost gauges have been used, however they are in excellent condition, no scratches.

  • 1 - 52mm Oil Pressure Gauge
  • 1 - 52mm Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • 1 - 52mm Boost Gauge

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Sold via eBay

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  • 00 Civic Headers
  • 00 Civic Oil pan
  • 00 Civic Rear bumper (black)
  • 00 Civic A/C Lines
  • 00 Civic Downpipe